I’ve Moved!

3 Apr


I've moved to nikkinovo.com. Please join me!

I’ve moved to nikkinovo.com. Please join me!


Hello my lovely readers,

I’ve moved, and I hope you will move with me. Visit The Art of You & Me’s new home by clicking here.

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Ideally So

19 Jul

Photo by Lilly Rico

“Don’t be ashamed of being an idealist, of being a romantic and yearning.” —Joyce Carol Oates

My Honey and Me

18 Jul

Last week, I rode in the backseat of a mock cop car spotting “stylish” people on the streets of Miami to later hand them free Havaianas. While I was totally flattered that Mercedes-Benz thought I was fashionable enough to participate in its freebie-giving program (Who am I kidding? It’s all about the DailyCandy name.), I must admit that the highlight of my night had nothing to do with curated outfits. Instead, it had everything to do with a jar of honey.

In midtown, we spotted a guy wearing throwback basketball shorts and a thin v-neck tee. Lilly thought he was dressed a little flamboyant, while I thought he was totally cute. Mind you, the first thing Benny told me when leaving the house that night was, “Babe, make sure you leave the flirting to Lilly.” But what if Lilly doesn’t find him attractive, Benjamin??

As I was getting ready to hand the dude a free pair of sandals, his eyes lit up as he asked me, “Do you like honey?” I was trying to remember if I even liked honey, but his enthusiasm was so contagious that I caught myself minimally screeching, “yes, of course!” The modern-day hippie ran to his old Buick, popped the trunk and grabbed a jar of his liquid gold. While handing it to me, he went on and on about how he made the honey in his back yard and how it’s important to be sustainable, yada, yada, yada.

Winnie the Pooh and his Piglet.

When I sat back in the car to continue on with my worldly duties, I couldn’t get Winnie the Pooh’s zest out of my mind. You guys, he was so incredibly stoked to give me a glass of nectar. I know, what’s the big deal, right? I mean, I could buy one of those bears at Publix. But then I realized: this was his way of adding sweetness to the world. It’s his passion.

Encountering people with passion is one of my favorite pastimes. It’s what I love about my job: communicating people’s courageous endeavors to the masses and hoping some reader feels inspired by my subject’s love for life.

And while sometimes it’s hard to spot our own inner honey—or even know what to do with it once we find it—it’s completely worth discovering.

So, I guess I like to find honey and spread it. What’s your honey?

If the Dress Fits

31 May

About nine months ago, Benny naively trusted me to do the bookkeeping for his company while he was away on a business trip. The reason I majored in Communications was strictly to avoid College Algebra, so why would this guy trust me with his books? But, they do say love is blind…and that desperate times call for desperate measures.

As he began to travel more, my duties of calculating payroll, managing the house and running after the fugitive dog Benny calls “ours” only increased. It was time to ask for a promotion.

A few months later, I was presented with an enticing proposal (which came in the form of a sailboat ride and a few round-cut diamonds). I’m a sucker for good people holding bright shiny things, so I accepted his offer. And since I wanted to start my new gig on the right foot, I quickly began to shop for the perfect first-day outfit.

I walked into the bridal boutique with an ad of a wedding dress I tore from a magazine a few weeks earlier. I was completely certain that what I held in my hand was, indeed, my dress. It was exactly what I wanted down to the cut, the color and the minimum-yet-stunning embellishments. The sales associate pulled it from the secret backroom and handed it to me to try on. Complete perfection. It was love at first sight.

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